Business District

Developed by: Hyde Park

Business District Project

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A prestigious mixed-use business district…With International Standard office Spaces. Today’s businesses understand the importance of their employees’ wellbeing. Not only does it reflect on their overall health, but it also emanates a positive vibe across the company and promotes work efficiencies. The 21 buildings of Business District were designed with this in mind, offering mesmerising views of lush greenery, and embellished passages that are a harmonious blend of soft- and hard-scape. The modern designs and angles are proof of man’s ingenuity, promising to add colour to your working days. All of the office spaces come with at least one of many alluring views that will get your creative juices flowing and ensure your targets are met. Built up Area: 191,275 m2 Landscape: 70% Number of Buildings: 21 + HPD headquarter & conference center

Project Address: Hyde Park

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