About New Avenue

01   Launching New Avenue

In March 2015, New Avenue first launched as a consultancy firm in Egypt with our first branch in El Korba, and later expanding to include a secondary office in New Cairo.

02   We Define Consultancy

What defines a consultancy? For New Avenue, our core concern was ensuring that we simplify and act as a guide to all our clients during their property decisions/investments.

03   Our Core Concern

Our core concern is ensuring our clients pass through one of the toughest decisions in the easiest and least complicated manner that suits their needs.

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Track our Rapid and Constant Growth:

We Closed the following number of deals

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What Sets Us Apart?

With over 90 carefully hand selected high-caliber team members, our key to success lies primarily in our people, as our sales team has the same key concerns as our target audience, and are of a similar segmentation, making them very knowledgeable in what our clients look for as well as understand the standards/needs of our clients in order to best satisfy them.

Classifying Our Work
We can classify our work under 3 sections:

01   Partnering with Residential Developers

We help our clients find the perfect home for their family (no matter the size), finding the perfect fit that meets their needs, and utilizing our vast experience with many compounds in Cairo, we are able to find the best deals for our clients, with the optimal payment plans.

02   Commercial Work

As with our residential work, we are also able to help any business (no matter the size) find the best office/retail space that helps them fulfill their business objectives, as well as suiting their needs and future plans.

03   Investment Consultancy

For our clients interested in making a financial investment in any property, we are fully capable of helping them reach the best financial decision, through our analysis of the market situation/trends as well as the optimal budget allocation to ensure a smart/profitable decision is made.

Our Services

01   Property Buying and Renting

  • We start off by first understanding our clients, their needs,their budget as well as having a comprehensive discussion to help identify their key needs for the property. Accordingly, we filter out the options that leaves us with a few key compounds that will satisfy their needs.
  • We then move through a top down approach based on the listed criteria and rank the potential properties that suit them, leaving us with a few choices.
  • Finally, we explore these options and tour them with our clients, helping them in deciding the final choice, and finally setting the payment terms for their new property.

02   Property Renting, Sales, and Marketing Solutions

  • Beyond property buying, we also acts as consultants to help connect hopeful property sellers with potential buyers. When selling a property, we start off with an appraisal: helping our clients determine the best selling price for their property, and what measures they need to go through in order to enhance the property value.
  • In order to conclude the optimal price, our team creates a comprehensive market forecast and utilizes their extensive experience in the field to help determine the market prices.
  • After setting the prices, our team creates several marketing campaigns to enhance our property listings to reach the largest number of potential buyers.

03   Investment Asset Management

As a consultancy, we use our vast expertise and knowledge to forecast market trends that enable us to help our clients in determining: how to invest, the optimal allocation of their investments on several properties, the expected ROI, forecasted time to cash in their investments, and in which manner to liquidate their investments.